Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cet Air Là

Song of the day.

France Gall - Cet Air Là


Ling said...

Cool. I did the questions.

And I downloaded this song!
It is great

STEFANIE said...

LOVE these pictures & song!

Bijou and Ruby said...

Now thats my idea of fun in Paris, spending my days lounging on bubble gum pink platforms. Yes please


blacktobianco said...

love the pink tones in this series xx

agnes said...

aww. I love the thrid pic in particular, it's very refreshing indeed.

btw, is she wearing couture?/

agnes xx

LoveMore said...

ah gorgeous! love the second shot best!xxxx bel

Ediot said...

love FRANCE GALL. beautiful voice. and these pictures are just wonderful

F Blog said...

Loving all of these photos! And I just realized that I never visit your other blog, I just did today for the first time! All the photos of you are AMAZING!! So lovely, so happy I found it!