Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honey, I'm Home!

Me wearing a Les Prairies de Paris gown by Julien Weber

I'm back!
Cannes was amazing!
Our best year there!
So many amazing things happened, don't even know where to begin...
(I was a back up dancer for Blondie!!! Never even thought I'd get to see her preforme, so being on stage with her, dancing with Debbie Harry... A dream come true! )
Met so many wonderful people!
Wore so many stunning dresses!
Divine weather!
Can't wait to share it all with you!
Will be putting loads of pics up on my photo blog:
Hope you'll enjoy them!
It's so good to be home!


Bijou and Ruby said...

eeep! the Jealously levels have officially risen! That is so unbelievably cool, I'm dying to see the photos. Plus that gold dress is quite possibly AMAZING!

DUSKIN said...


Anonymous said...

Pretty dress.

agnes said...

Welcome back dear!

I am happy to hear so many great updates from you, I really do.
they all sound pretty amazing:)

All the best,

evie said...

oh wow... sounds like you've had a pretty good time recently!

Adeline said...

sublime Noemie

Doll legs said...

Wow!!Amazing experience ha? Congrtas!!And you look beautiful in that pic!!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

What a lovely photograph.

maie maie said...

aaahh this is too beautiful! x

Kelly said...

BLONDIE?! I die!
When I was about 4 one of my (OLDER) cousins told me that Debbie Harry was his girlfriend and she wrote 'I want that Man' about him. I believed it until I discovered Blondie. Hilarity!
Glad it went well honey! Can't wait to see pics xx

Karla said...

wow sounds freaking amazing! Lucky you!
also gorgeous dress! very mermaidy..

x karla

Bella said...

This is beyond stunning! xx

Francheska said...

OMG blondie???
ok seriously jealous right now!!!!!
amazingg dress in the photo

Celine said...

What an incredible gown... and sounds like an amazing trip!

Daughters of Dawn said...

Oh wow Blondie!!! I'm speechless, that experience must of been exhilirating.

That gold dress is incredible, too.

cocorosa said...

oh wow wow wow you look gorgeous!! <3 <3 ohhh I want to hear everything about it!!

Kelly said...

Ahhh excitement city! I'm going to look it up online.
Once we sell our house we can work out our finances and make decisions about this trip and talk dates!
I'm so keen to have the show with you.

So glad you had a good time! And sounds like you found more than enough drool worthy clothing to wear during the festival.

Looking forward to seeing lots of pics and hearing all the juicy goss xxx

frisson said...


so glad it was fun :)

trigg and trig. said...

debbie harry?? luuuucky!
great shot, great dress!

REread said...

what an awesome photo

NEWJIN said...

your blog is amazing.
and you are gorgeous.
&& as a film major, i'm incredibly jealous.

Luna Supernova said...

stunning as always. that dress looks like magic. wow, dancing with Debbie Harry!! what an opportunity, my god that's amazing!!

Jillian said...

OMG U LOOK like a freaking queen you look so stunning

absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
xoxo love it x's 100000000000000

Kristina x said...

Loving the Cannes pics.. Nothing beats the sun, cocktails,good company, and pretty nails ;)

LoveMore said...

oMG OMG back up dancer for Blondie?! NO WAY!!! that is crazy crazy AH i would die happy if i were you! haha congrats i bet you out-shined her up there :)