Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Kelly!

Illustration: Kelly Smith

And miss Kelly Smith has done it again, to my great disbelief, here is a second portrait of me!
Someone pinch me!
You can't possibly imagine how speechless and deeply flattered I am right know.
My dear Kelly, a thousand times thank you.
I grow fonder and fonder of you every day.
(i know that sounds weird, but don't worry Kelly, I am not a crazy lady either!)
I don't think I could ever say it enough, but this incredible artist is a gift.
Her heavenly hand has produced what are quickly becoming some of my all time favorite illustrations.
Her pencil stroke is the most delicat I have ever laid eyes on.
And once again, I cannot stress how infatuated I am with the fairness and beauty of her divine drawings.
If you are not yet acquainted with her pretty pencil ladies, you definitely need to be.
I'm sure that soon enough, you'll all find yourselves craving some Kelly Smith to hang in your own homes.

I find myself wanting to fly to Melbourne more than ever now for the opening of her show, A Tale Of Two Kellys, on the 27th of May, meet the enchanting lady behind all this loveliness, see all the pretty things she has in store for us.
So if you are lucky enough to be in that area, around that time, once again, you have absolutely no excuse not to go soak up some sweetness.


Kelly said...

Awwww you make my cheeks all red lady! :)

At least we can be crazy ladies together. Mutual love. It's great! Haha. So glad Julien likes it too! Very important he's happy with it!

And I KNOW! I just can't believe how simple a solution it is to just practice on a print! I mean DUH!
So yay! Hope it helps you as much as it does me!
Do you only post your illustrations on the other blog or will you post them on here too?

I wish you could come to the show too! Maybe one day you could come out! We could organise a group show of some sorts to give you an excuse :)


Kelly said...

Ohhh i'm sure I saw some on another blog, but maybe I did do a label search?!

Ooooooo well obviously I'M tempted to say yes let's have one in Paris! :) I'd have to get cracking on those language tapes!
I am planning on coming over next year for a week or so, so perhaps we COULD organise something?
Oooo...i'm getting all excited at the thought!

But I would always happily organise one here too!

Think about it lovely! See how your work pans out now you can practice on something!
You should post them anyway! Sometimes they never look as bad as what you think. Because watercolour is so unpredictable it hardly ever turns out the way you want, yet it doesn't always look so bad!


Kelly said...

Ummmm WHAT?! Cannes?! Are you DJ-ing there?
I can't begin to express how jealous I am!!! And I looooove Stella! You have to post lots of photos.
Imagine the STAR GAZING you're going to do.

Wow you have an agent. How pro!
It would definitely be so so much fun! I'd be so intimidated to show in Paris, not to mention nervous about not speaking the language but if we could pull it off it would be AMAZING!
I'm thinking late Spring/early Summer at this stage!

Okay well HAVE FUN TRYING ON YOUR AMAZING DRESSES!!!! I'll be thinking of you while i'm sitting here in my PYJAMAS!


STEFANIE said...

Very nice! She's such a good artist =)

cat said...

another one! wow, its beautiful:) kelly is amazing as are you!

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July Stars said...

I've always loved her drawings ... she's extremely talented. And how incredibly lucky are you to have your own portrait done? I'm so jealous.