Thursday, April 30, 2009


Photos: Chadwick Tyler

I can't remember where or when I found these photos.
All I know is that they were called Sarah.
If anyone knows who is behind these breath taking images, I would truly appreciate they let me know.
Hope everyone has a lovely long weekend ahead of them.

Thank you Fawn for identifying these!


patti said...

stunning photos.

Jen said...

Wow they really are stunning. I hope someone knows who is behind them ! x

Anonymous said...


fawn said...

Sarah is a fox, especially when photographed by Chadwick Tyler ...

Belen Vazquez Amaro said...


La Chauve-Souris said...

très belle photos, j'adore cette mannequin, ne l'avait jamais vu


Tariro said...

Those are soo pretty!

Kelly said...

Haha ahhh i'm sorry to discriminate against the Parisienne in you.
When I wrote it I was like well of course Noemi can watch a French film in its entirety without getting lost, so she's out of the equation!

I ABSOLUTELY watch it in French all the time- but with subtitles. But because this is the French release there aren't any subtitles. But all of the menus are so much more beautiful in this edition. And it has bonus features which I love watching. I think if you love something enough you can deal without understanding it fully! Plus I think i've seen it enough to times to know what they're saying anyway! Haha.

I can never watch films that have been dubbed! It's like watching tv when the audio goes out of sync. It's unBEARABLE!

I actually got some French language cds for my ipod for my birthday. But i've been too lazy to listen to them. Woops.

I hope you have a fun weekend lady xx

Nadir H. said...

j'ai envie de dire : Wake me up before you Go-Go don't leave me hanging like a yoyo!
I just AIME this!

Salomé said...

Alors elle c'est Sarah Stephens.
Je l'adore