Friday, April 24, 2009

Kelly Smith & Me

Illustration: Kelly Smith

I have the absolute priviledge and immense honour to have been portrayed by the devine hand of the uber talented Kelly Smith.
This lovely lady is by far one of my all time favorite illustrators.
Her drawings are filled with such beauty, so tenderly soft and inexplicably light. It's impossible not to fall in love with her work.
So you can imagine my complete and utter happiness when she asked me if I would be willing to let her draw me!

If you are not yet acquainted with her incredible work, you definitely need to check out her amazing blog Birdy & Me.
For those who do know her exquisite work, you need to get some Kelly Smith hanging on your wall immediately!
I know I have mine and look forward to owning many more!

And for those of you who are fortunate enough to live in Australia, and more precisely in Melbourne, well my dears, you have absolutely no excuse to miss out on this brilliant artist's upcoming show, A Tale Of Two Kellys, opening on the 27th of May.
Though I love Paris, I truly wish I lived in Australia right know.
So be there or be square!


LoveMore said...

omg noooooooo way!!!! you lucky thing! she did SUCH a great job too. omg this is so AMAZING! i am quite the 'blogger pal' with Kelly (she is awesome) and this is just so flattering she drew you! you must feel super special :)

hope you enjoy your fri night in - not working?! i am shocked!!!! good for you dear :)

xxx love bel

Luna Supernova said...

Bleh, my computer won't let me see the picture for some reason. I think I will look her up anyway.

Thankyou for the lovely comment. You know what I think? I think you should most definately come and dj here in New Zealand sometime, I'm absolutely certain you would be amazing and would pull a MASSIVE crowd!

James van Becky said...

you look so beautiful !
hope to see you soon

ps : take my pin on facebook ;)

Joanna Goddard said...

what an amazing drawing!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Ohhhh i'm SO glad that you like it lady.
It was so hard to choose how to draw you. You might even pop up again! You're such a lovely subject, I mean that in the most genuine way.
I'll happily send you the original but I got a grubby mark on it. I'll definitely send you a print Xx

melissa kay said...

a beautiful drawing of a lovelylovely lady :)

Anonymous said...

Such a cool image ...

... and I agree, I lived in Melbourne for a few years, and even though I love it here in Paris, I miss Melbourne every day.

Have a good weekend...

F Blog said...

wow this is amazing, going to check out her blog now!! So lovely!

Yuka said...

what a great portrait!!

Kelly said...

Haha awww!
I'm sorry about the copyright over the image too, with you wanting to post it on your own blogs.
I put little copyright credits over all of my etsy images yesterday and thought it was something I should probably keep doing. Even though it can take away a bit from the work!
Rest assured it WONT be on the prints :) Xx

Lucy Volcano said...

just found your blog. great stuff, i'll be back!

- lv

good morning queen said...

amazing drawing!!! =)
thanks for your comment in my blooog


Nina said...

Wow lucky you!
that is a beautyful illustration! :D

Anonymous said...

whyy thank you! this is a lovely page, i just started to follow, looking forwards to seeing more. xx

Jordan said...

wow wow wow!
so amazing!
i have been a fan of hers for so long too. you look stunning.

i'm going to be in new york coming up pretty soon. i made a blogpost about it and i would totally appreciate it if you would leave me some suggestions!
thanks lady

marie said...

gorgeous portrait, you look beautiful:)

kelly is incredibly talented!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I am a huge fan of her work, she is so talented. Gorgeous gorgeous portrait - you look lovely in it :)

Amber said...

oooh i live in melbourne, might have to go check it out. how glorious! cheers.