Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Sunny

It's such a beautiful day in Paris!
The weather is devine.
Perfect for lazing on a terrasse and soaking up the sun.

Song of the day.

The Beatles - Sun King


Dana said...

Hello dear! I've been having some problems with Chic Banana, so I decided to open a new blog http://www.decolove.tk

Btw, nice pics!

agnes said...

WHOA! love the light in both of the pics. very captivating.

Ania said...

beautiful pictures!
and thanks for the comment :)

LoveMore said...

OH PARIS i am still so jealous you get to see this city each and everyday..one day i hope to see it too :)

xxx LM

Violaine Schütz said...

nice sunny song sunshine girl!