Saturday, March 28, 2009

She Looks Sly

Illustration: Kelly Smith

Just bought myself this lovely piece from the very talented Kelly Smith of Birdy & Me.
Have been lurking for quite some time around her Etsy store and finally found the one that caught my eye. 
(I chose this paticular one because of the fox. My cat's name is Kitsuné, which means fox in Japanese.)
If you're not acquainted with her work, I suggest you go have a look immediately.


daisyamy said...

that is utterly beautiful.

link exchange?

Dana said...

Oh! It's so lovely!!! I'm visiting her Etsy now!

i.d. said...

What a gorgeous illustration! She's super talented. :)

Ediot said...

such a beautiful illustration. thankd for sharing

PinkBow said...

absolutely beautiful

alissa said...

thats a beautiful piece - i love the it has meaning with your name too!