Friday, November 28, 2008

Miami J-3

I'm off to Miami on Monday!
Am so excited!
We're going there for the international art fair, Art Basel, to dj for Le Baron and we'll be staying in Miami Beach.
My only regret is that my Fab won't be coming with me.
I will miss him terribly.
But it's only an 8 day trip, so I hope I'll get through it!
I was wondering if anyone knew about any cool vintage, charity, thrift shops over there.
I've heard the shopping there is amazing!
Have to start packing!


Linnéa said...

OMG! lucky you!!! I also want to go to Miami :(
-Well I hope you get a great trip!!

Coonbear said...

ooh. miami. i maybe going there this summer. i hope you have a great time there!

DUSKIN said...

i don't know of any, it's been years since i've been there. we should compile/share lists, i will be there from 12/4-12/8 for art basel as well!

lisa said...

how cool, hope you have fun...i am sure you will take some amazing photos to share with us when you get back!
xoxo from las vegas

DUSKIN said...

le baron at the florida room was amazing.

i'm sorry you couldn't make it.