Monday, August 31, 2009


Photos: Claudia Grassl & Marcin Tyszka

Coming home means going back to work...
Except I didn't expect going back to work every single day (or in my case, night)!
Have been spinning non stop and think it is definitly time for me to go on vacation again!
Sadly that is not an option...
Will do my best to post as regularly as possible, but with Fashion Week coming up, I don't know how often that will be.

Song of the day.

The Jam - Monday


Doll legs said...

Beeautiful pics!! good luck in your return to real life(work,home) jiji!!xoxo

Sospiridifragola said...

Your pics are a lot of beatiful!
My can is a compact, it is normal. Now, I want to buy a bridge cam.

I you add to favorites

One kiss

patti said...

beautiful photos - as always.
i hate to go to high school everyday. it's so boring. i feel trapped! actually i'm sitting here with an english essay for tomoorow. have not right a single sentence though. :s

xxx nobody's hippie

hannahlizabeth said...

gorgeous pictures, i hope you enjoy yourself at fashion week :)