Saturday, August 15, 2009

Going Up The Country

Am finally back in Paris for more than 24 hours allowing me to get back to my seriously abandonned bloggling duties!
Have taken 27 trains in the last 5 weeks for Le Baron's summer tour of France And Europe!
If I never have to set foot on a train again, I would be thrilled!
But sadly, another one awaits me tommorow.
So here is a quick post before I get shipped off to the south for a week.
Hope I'll have a stable internet connexion there, but I doubt it...
I hope everyone has been having a lovely summer, soaking up the sun, lazing on a beach or in a medow, basically, everything I dream of doing, chilling!

Song of the day.

Canned Heat - Going Up The Country


Francheska said...

Hmmmm sounds so adventurous! i
totally lost your blog for a while!
dont know why ?!

i love these photos!

Kelly said...

Haha love this song! Seriously about 75% of your posts i'm like BAH! FUN.
Flashback central.

Kelly said...

P.S Wonder who this model is? I love her teeth! She looks a little like Vanessa Paradis.

Luxe. said...

I love her smile!

Efvva said...

The bicycle picture is so cute. I want to be that girl. And wear her trousers.

STAR FRUIT said...

im so jealous of her gap toothed smile. such a beautiful lady!