Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Photos: Unknown & Beau Grealy

Am going completely mad!
My neighbours have been renovating over the last month and I'm about this close to punching a hole in the wall and ripping the hammer out of their hands.
Is 8h30 in the morning a decent hour to start banging... I think not!

Song of the day.


Insomnia said...

I know what you mean!! My neighbours have been renovating for at least 9 months and the other ones have a cry baby. I just want a bit of silence!

agnes said...

I understand exactly how you feel. My neighbours often renovate during my EXAM!! and they never seem to realize the nuisance they have made.

btw, the 1st and 3rd pic are by Wendy Beaven :)

gene doe said...

love the washed out feel of these images.


Carly. said...

ooh... I love the photo of Daul Kim.