Thursday, January 15, 2009

Work I s A Four Letter Word

Am crushed under the pile of work I have to do.
Feel like I'm drowning.
Sorry for the irregular posting.
Next week will be better.

Song of the day.



aww honey i wish you all thwe best with work pile.let us know how you get on.
big hug dear,

B.B said...

Salut je m'appelle élise, je laisse un commentaire pour commenter, et au passage je salue ma noémi préférée, la grande djette qui ne prendra jamais le métro, car elle est trop belle, trop stylée, love mon chat

Couture Carrie said...

Good luck with everything!

Love this photo . . .


May Kasahara said...

good luck with the work - I'm playing catch-up too and it sucks.


DUSKIN said...

i hear you!
way too much work!

Doll legs said...

o Noemi!! Good Look with everything!! ;)

p.s. that photo is so chic.

essandde said...

Good luck with the work!
I looooooove this photo,

essandde said...

Good luck with the work!
I looooooove this photo,

Jordan said...

the other day i had 87 new posts to read on bloglovin! now that's how you know you're busy. and that picture is really really great.

LoveMore said...

yeah work succcks...i agree. and yes you should be sorry you bad bad person! haha jokes. we still love LM

thanks again for congrat!

also love this photo! that wrist and ring junk is A m a z i n g. i like very much! xx

Anonymous said...

so happy i located your long-lost ring lust haha.

yay friday

agnes said...

Work has dominating my life now too. but anyway, don't let it taken over you! i know you can do it right :)

Valentine said...

Love the song and Love the photo--

and I can totally understand what you mean.. Ive been trying to get some down time for myself.. but there's just too much to do.

Happy days!



lolita said...

I need those rings!

Good luck with the work!

Wends said...

you've got really lovely photos on your blog!


Cris said...

oh I love this picture!

good luck with all that work... ;)

regards from Barcelona

Rabenschwarz said...

this pocture is great as always.