Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Photo: Julien Weber

I should have probably started of with an introduction before expecting anyone to take the slightest interest in whatever I had to say, show or share.
But I won't, because I just couldn't be bothered.

Just kidding.
(this is most definitely turning out to be a very painful display of public humiliation... but as a said earlier on, I'm bored.)

I am Noemi aka Sunshine, I will be one of your hosts throughout the existance of this blog.
I live in Paris with my manfriend Fab the pool boy (please don't ask me why the pool boy, you will open up Pandora's box) and our catfriend, Kitsuné Midnight, the offspring of pure evil, where we lead a rather good life.
I am an illustrator and a djette. I draw for press and campaigns, but mostly enjoy it when it's just for me. And I am a resident djette at a tiny little club called Le Baron, my favorite place in the whole wide world!
"Where everybody knows your name!"
(musn't drift away from the subject.)
So that sort of sums it up: Paint & Party.
Not too shabby for Sunshine.
Hope you'll enjoy the ride.




fab the pool boy said...

what gigantic breast !

Sunshine said...

what a big mouth!

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

2 years ago I stumbled across your cool myspaces, you were friends of friends of mine, and it always looked like lots of fun.

I am glad you are both together and happy and have crossed over to the blog side ^_^